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Phone Service

No rural home is complete without the peace of mind, that comes with a home phone.

  • Perfect for homes with children and older adults.
  • No need to worry about charged batteries or signal strength.
  • Location ID 911 (in an emergency, just dial and rescue officials will be on their way).
  • Keep your same number!
  • Package Options:
    • Basic Phone Service – $22.50/month
    • Digital Phone Service – $45.50/month (Residential Only)
      Dial Tone, Voice Mail, Caller ID Name and Number, Call Waiting,
      Call Forwarding, Unlimited Long Distance

ITC International Long Distance Rates

Telephone/Broadband Assistance Programs:

If you’re a qualified consumer, there are government assistance programs in place that will give you a discount on activation fees, installation, and monthly telephone/broadband billing.

For Minnesota: Click Here

Print Application or Worksheet:

Lifeline Application

Household Worksheet

Eligibility approval and requests for documentation will come via email or mail from Universal Service Administration Company (USAC), Lifeline Support, or National Verifier. Once qualified you will need to contact us with approval information for the discount to be added to your bill.

Fast Fiber-Optic Internet

Once installed to our network, you’ll have access to ultra-fast Internet.

  • Internet fast enough for streaming video, gaming, work from home solutions, and more.
  • Unlimited Internet—no more worries about overages, no slowing/throttling speed—use as much internet as you want. It’s complete freedom!
  • Local technical support from the awesome staff at ITC!
  • Packages available:                                              
    • 50Mbps/5Mbps – $69.95/month
    • 100Mbps/20Mbps – $79.95/month
    • 250Mbps/30Mbps – $124.95/month
Blast Wi-Fi

In addition to your Internet service, you have the option of Blast Wi-Fi Powered by ITC.

  • We’ll take care of your home or business Wi-Fi.
  • We’ll make sure all of your devices, TVs and computers connect to your FAST and RELIABLE Wi-Fi network.
  • Packages starting at $6.95/month including the router.
  • Blast Wi-Fi Flyer
  • Blast Wi-Fi User Guide
Setting Up Your Wi-Fi & App
  • Setting Up Your Wi-Fi & App

What our customers have to say:

  • Darren Shaw
    My experience with ITC has been fantastic. The services just work; I don’t even have to think about it.  My family has a number of devices, and we never have issues with surfing or streaming using ITC’s high-speed Internet. The support we receive from our local technician, Mark, has also been great. He has a visible presence in Hendricks and is always willing to help out.
    Darren Shaw
  • Julie Thooft
    ITC Internet is so awesome; I can’t begin to tell you! This has made such a wonderful difference in our world out here.
    Julie Thooft
  • Emily M.
    We are very excited that we were within the project expansion area. We have not had reliable internet for several years. Our family of 6 is excited to be able to use all of the technology with no outages. We are a very tech heavy family and are grateful to finally have the service to support that. The service provided by ITC has been great. They are helpful, informative and patient.
    Emily M.
  • Mark
    Very excited to have reliable internet service.  The new service with ITC will help operate our farm and also my remote job.  Service has been great with ITC!  Thank you!