About ITC

ITC is a local telecommunications company focused on offering ultra-fast internet, in the rural communities of our region. We’ve been serving the communities of Northeast South Dakota and Southwestern Minnesota for more than 65 years.

As part of our commitment to the rural regions we serve, we continue to upgrade and expand our network, to ensure our customers have access to world-class communication. This fiber-optic expansion to Lincoln County, MN, is an example of our commitment to this region.

You can count on us to work hard every day to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you so don’t delay… reserve your access to our network today!

For more information about ITC, visit www.itc-web.com.

What our customers have to say:

  • Darren Shaw
    My experience with ITC has been fantastic. The services just work; I don’t even have to think about it.  My family has a number of devices, and we never have issues with surfing or streaming using ITC’s high-speed Internet. The support we receive from our local technician, Mark, has also been great. He has a visible presence in Hendricks and is always willing to help out.
    Darren Shaw
  • Julie Thooft
    ITC Internet is so awesome; I can’t begin to tell you! This has made such a wonderful difference in our world out here.
    Julie Thooft
  • Brenda K.
    The service is working great! It feels like Santa's elves showed up early. I love the Internet!
    Brenda K.
  • Shawn N.
    I had ITC Internet hooked up about 2 months ago, and let me say this, it's amazing. No issues whatsoever, and the speed is wonderful as well. Wish I could have had it years ago.
    Shawn N.
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